Massage Pricing 

Our Massage treatments start at only $80!

$80 – Deep Tissue- 60 Min. 

$110 – Deep Tissue- 90 Min.   deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage modality that is directed towards the deeper tissues of the muscles in the body. In life, traumas both physical and emotional might cause reduction of the moment that results in pain and stiffness in muscles and the connective tissues surrounding the muscle tissue. After a deep tissue massage, a physical and an emotional balance is experienced by the client.

$110 – Hot Stone Massage- 60 min.

$135 – Hot Stone Massage- 90 min.  Hot Stone Massage Albuquerque

This is an ancient massage treatment from 5000 years ago. This healing method has been used throughout centuries to promote healing and to strengthen the spirit. This type of massage treatment promotes deep healing and tranquility to the recipient combined with a relaxing Swedish massage and warm rocks that heal your body, mind, and spirit.

$125 – Thai Yoga Massage- 90 min.  Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing practice and also known as assisted yoga. This ancient healing modality originated in India over 2000 years ago. Thai yoga massage is practiced around the world as a healing practice for maintaining and restoring health and wellbeing. This treatment is excellent for athletes and people who are in need for flexibility and relaxation.

$170 – Thai and Deep Tissue Combo- 120 min.

What is be better than receiving a Thai Yoga Massage followed by a deep tissue massage! I promise you that you feel revitalized in body, mind, and spirit, after this ultimate wellbeing makeover!

Unwind and Experience Relaxation in A Package!              Hot Stone Massage

Make Your Next Massage Therapy Session More Affordable by Purchasing A Package Deal!

Note that any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members.

You can also be creative with your package; let’s say you purchase a fourteen 60 minutes session package. If you like to make one or more of your sessions into a 90 minutes session, just ad $30 to your session, or perhaps you like to switch your 60-minute-deep tissue massage into a 90 minutes Thai massage, or a hot stone massage, then just add the difference (you still get the same savings). All packages must be used within six months.

Ten 90 sessions minutes package:

After rewarding yourself with ten relaxing 90 minutes massages, we like to reward you by giving you a one 60 minutes massage for free!         
Must be used within 6 months. Gift any of the sessions to friends and family (gift certificates available upon request)!
Please note that more than one person can be part of this massage package.          

$1100 – purchase ten 90 minutes deep tissue massages and receive one 60 minutes massage Free or towards your next package! Package must be used within 6 months ($80 saving)!


Five 90 minutes sessions package:

$550—purchase five 90 minutes deep tissue massages and receive half of a 60 minutes massage session towards your next session or package.

Package must be used within 6 months ($40 in savings)!


Fourteen 60 minutes sessions package:

$980—fourteen 60 minutes deep tissue massage sessions. 

Must be used within 6 months. Best value – You save $140!

Seven 60 minutes sesions pacakge:

$525 – seven 60 minutes Deep tissue massage sessions. Note that any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members. Gift certificates will be provided if needed. Must be used within 6 months. You save $35!

Note that any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members. Gift certificates will be provided if needed.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Teacher Tone Jackson yoga classes                                   Yoga with Friends

whether you choose practicing yoga to stay in great shape, or for health or spiritual reasons, or just for fun, nonetheless, yoga can be quite an adventure!

At Healthwork Yoga and Massage Therapy the yoga instruction encourages and teaches self-awareness through yoga breathing, yoga poses, and meditation. The teaching style is gentle enough for the yoga novice but is also challenging for the more experienced yoga practitioner.

$15 – Open Class (includes free mat rental for first time participants) Yoga Instructor Tone Jackson The benefits of Yoga

This class focuses on the importance of breathing while practicing the yoga poses (asanas), and meditation is also addressed. Please arrive a few minutes early if this is your fist time to fill out a first time yoga student intake form.

$100 – 10 Class Punch Card (must be used within 3 months) 

A 10 class punch card is great for people who likes to deepen their yoga practice by coming to class several times a week. You save $50.

$65 – Beginners Course one month $65 for early birds who sign up one month in advanced; otherwise, the payment for a monthly yoga beginners’ course is $80 per person.

We meet twice a week for one month.