Massage Pricing 

Our Massage treatments start at $65!

~ $65.00 – Therapeutic Massage 30 Min.

~ $125.00 – Expert Massage Therapy and Bodywork 60 min.

~ $145.00 – Expert Massage Therapy and Bodywork 90 min.

Our expert massage therapists and bodyworkers have 10 or more years of experience in massage therapy—theses professionals are also skilled in various medical massage modalities and have many years of experience in this field.

An expert massage therapy session typically focuses at first, on postural analysis. The therapist will apply the deep tissue modality they are trained in—these are typically Myofascial release, neuromuscular, or structural release therapy. These modalities are normally used on painful areas caused by tendonitis, joint pain, nerve pain like sciatica, lower and upper back pain and much more. Make sure you communicate with your massage therapist so you can explore together which therapy modality works best for you.

Deep tissue massage is a massage modality that is directed towards the deeper tissues of the muscles in the body. In life, traumas both physical and emotional might cause a reduction of the moment that results in pain and stiffness in muscles and the connective tissues surrounding the muscle tissue. After a deep tissue massage, a physical and emotional balance is experienced by the client. Optional; add a 30 min yoga or Thai massage?

~ $140.00 – Thai Yoga Massage- 60 min.  Thai Yoga Massage

~ $165.00 – Thai Yoga Massage- 90 min.

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing practice and is also known as assisted yoga. This ancient healing modality originated in India over 2000 years ago. Thai yoga massage is practiced around the world as a healing practice for maintaining and restoring health and wellbeing. This treatment is excellent for athletes and people who are in need of flexibility and relaxation.


~ $210.00 – Thai and Therapeutic Massage Combo- 120 min.

~ $145.00 – Thai and Deep Tissue Massage Combo- 120 min.

What is be better than receiving a Thai Yoga Massage followed by a deep tissue or a therapeutic massage! We promise you that you feel revitalized in body, mind, and spirit, after this ultimate wellbeing makeover!


                                              Prenatal Massage—So Lovely and Beneficial for The Mother to Be, and Baby Too!


~ $125.00 – Prenatal Massage – 60 Minutes

~ $ 140.00 – Prenatal Massage 90 Minutes

Prenatal Massage—So Lovely and Beneficial for The Mother to Be, and Baby Too!
Prenatal massage has many wonderful benefits for both mom and baby. During pregnancy the body is working overtime. Therapeutic massage can assist and minimize the common prenatal symptoms like aches and joint pain, help diminish anxiety and insomnia, and can also improve labor outcomes for both mom and baby. Typically, the massage modality used in a prenatal massage is Swedish Massage. Get ready to get pampered and relax all aches away with warm oils, and relaxing and soothing massage strokes.



~ Add 30 min. yoga stretching – $50.00                       


~ Add 30 min. Thai massage – $80.00         

Thai Massage Healthwork Yoga and Massage Therapy



~ Add Hot Stones – $30.00.                                       Hot Stone Massage Albuquerque

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient massage treatment from 5000 years ago. This healing method has been used throughout centuries to promote healing and to strengthen the spirit. This type of massage treatment promotes deep healing and tranquility to the recipient combined with a relaxing Swedish massage and warm rocks that heal your body, mind, and spirit.


~ Add CBD 4000 mg – $38.00

CBD oil – this is the ideal add-on to any therapeutic massage modality. CBD is known for reducing pain due to inflammation. CBD also aids in muscle recovery and has been known to lower blood pressure and so much more. Please keep in mind that CBD may contain a small trace amount of THC, the leading psychoactive compound in marijuana. It is important to mention however, since this small trace amount might show up on a drug screening test.

~ Add Aromatherapy – Essential Oils – $25.00

Enter the wonderful world of the heavenly essence that is extracted from plants known as essential oils! Besides the delightful smell, essential oils have many health benefits like improving moods, improving sleep, some oils kill bacteria, funguses, as well as viruses. Essential oils can also reduce anxiety, aches, and pain, and are helpful in relieving headaches.

~ Add Organic Sleep Easy Oil With Ayurvedic Herbs – $10.00

Give yourself some extra relaxation with natural oils and Ayurvedic herbs to calm your nerves and quiet your mind and get ready for sleep! Add Sleep Easy Oil an—Ayurvedic massage oil created to relax and reduce stress as well as reduce inflammation in the body. This massage oil contains soothing herbs like Ashwagandha, Bala, Guduchi, Bhringaraj, Passionflower, and Skullcap.

~ Soothe Your Muscles and Joints with Mahanarayan Oil – $10.00

~ Add Bhringaraj Oil to Soothe Body and Mind – $10.00

Add some soothing tranquility to your body, mind, and spirit while receiving a relaxing massage! Bhringaraj Oil also helps the body maintain healthy skin and hair as well as supports a healthy nervous system. Bhringaraj Oil is recommended for people who feels agitated and stressed.

~ Dry Brushing – $25.00


Unwind and Experience Relaxation in A Package!                         

Make Your Next Massage Therapy Session More Affordable by Purchasing A Package Deal!

Note that any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members.

You can also be creative with your package, let’s say you purchase a ten 60 minutes session package. If you like to make one or more of your sessions into a 90 minutes session, or perhaps you like to switch your 60-minute-deep tissue massage into a 90 minutes Thai massage, or a hot stone massage, then just add the difference (you still get the same savings).

All packages must be used within six months!


$1200 – Ten 90 therapeutic massage sessions minutes package:

After rewarding yourself with ten relaxing 90 minutes massages, we like to reward you by giving you a one 90 minutes massage for free!         
Must be used within 6 months. Gift any of the sessions to friends and family (gift certificates available upon request)!
Please note that more than one person can be part of this massage package. 

$900 – Ten 60 minutes deep tissue massages and get one massage free!

Purchase 10 Thai Massage and receive one free Thai Massage!

Indulge yourself with a 10 session Thai Massage package and make your sessions more affordable! Please note that more than one person can be part of this massage package. 

~ $1250 – Can’t get enough of Thai Massage? 10 Sessions Package/series  (60 min.).

~ $1500- Can’t get enough of Thai Massage? 10 Sessions Package/series  (90 min.).

~ $1900- Thai Yoga Massage & Deep Tissue combined (120 min.)


$900 – 10 Private yoga Session and Receive One Yoga Session For Free!


$2375 – Mix & Mash Massage & Yoga Package Tab (15% off) 


$3775 – Mix & Mash Massage & Yoga Package Tab (20% off)

Add 30 minutes of Thai massage
It is not uncommon to add a 30-minute yoga session, or a 30-minute Thai massage before a deep tissue massage, as a matter of fact, we recommend it. Yoga and Thai Massage help the client to feel looser before their deep tissue massage session especially if they feel more tense than usual. Also, developing a yoga, or a simple stretching practice is always a good thing, please add $65
Add 30 minutes of yoga stretching

Cancellation policies for clients who book with MasterHealthSolutions HealthWork Yoga and Massage Therapy & Thai Massage Albuquerque:

When you book an appointment please keep in mind that your scheduled time is kept especially for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you kindly let us know 24 hours in advance.

Clients who have made an appointment and who do not show for their scheduled time, or who are canceling at the last minute will be asked to pre-pay for all appointments made from then on.



Since the beginning of Covid we have not hosted yoga classes at our studio, however,

yoga classes and prices will be added soon!


Yoga Teacher Tone Jackson yoga classes                                   Yoga with Friends


Whether you choose practicing yoga to stay in great shape, or for health or spiritual reasons, or just for fun, nonetheless, yoga can be quite an adventure! At Healthwork Yoga and Massage Therapy, the yoga instruction encourages and teaches self-awareness through yoga breathing, yoga poses, and meditation. The teaching style is gentle enough for the yoga novice but is also challenging for the more experienced yoga practitioner.

Open Class (includes free mat rental for first-time participants).     Yoga Instructor Tone Jackson The benefits of Yoga

This class focuses on the importance of breathing while practicing the yoga poses (asanas), and meditation is also addressed. Please arrive a few minutes early if this is your first time to fill out a first-time yoga student intake form.

10 Class Punch Card (must be used within 3 months) 

A 10 class punch card is great for people who like to deepen their yoga practice by coming to class several times a week. You save $50.

We will be adding the following courses and workshops:                 

At Healthwork Yoga and Massage Therapy. You can enjoy different yoga classes at different levels


Yoga Beginner level 1

Yoga Beginner level 2

Yoga Intermediate 1                                                                                               


Friends and Couples Yoga and Massage Workshop